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Only 219 Days Until Halloween!

Welcome to our Spooky Fun web site. If you have any Spooky Fun stuff that you think should be included on our site, let us know!

Spooky Songs

The Monster Mash, Thriller, The Time Warp, This Is Halloween and many more. Check out our Spooky collection of Halloween music with lyrics and videos.


Spooky Videos

Watch full episodes of The Addams Family, Casper The Friendly Ghost, The Munsters Today and many more on our Spooky Videos page.

Spooky Games

Cannon BlastCannon Blast - Blast the pirate ships!
Red BeardRed Beard - Collect the matching colored balls.
ZedUp Beat - Keep the rhythm and rock the party (kinda like Guitar Hero).
Word SearchWord Search - Find the hidden Halloween words.
SmashingSmashing - Destroy all the blocks to advance to the next level.
Adventures Of BlooAdventures Of Bloo - Mix and match the colors of Bloo!
ZedZed - Find enough gold to build a fine shiny space suit.


Spooky Fonts

Check out our large collection of Spooky Halloween Fonts that you can download and use to spice up your Halloween documents.

More Spooky Fun

We have a special Halloween News Feed from Google to keep you up-to-date on the latest Spooky News!

We've also set up a special Halloween Google Search for you to find other great Halloween related stuff.

Other Fun

If you like SpookyFun.com, take a moment to visit XmasFun (our sister site) for some great Christmas related fun:


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